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Preparing to Sell in a Fast Market.

Our real estate market is currently chock-full of opportunities for sellers. Shorter days-on-market, high list to sales price ratios and growing sales prices may have you thinking about your next move. If this sounds like you, the time to begin preparing is now:

Because each neighborhood, style of home, and price point is different, it is important to learn just how hot the demand currently is for your home. If the demand is currently at a very high level this may adjust how much needs to be done to prepare your home and get it on the market. In addition, I want to know where you are moving to which will allow us to strategize and determine what selling and buying looks like financially and timing-wise.

STEP 2 – CLEAN AND POLISH. We will determine together if there are any larger projects that need to be done to get your home on the market, but decluttering, giving your home a deep cleaning, and touching up the curb appeal is critical in ANY market!

STEP 3 – ESTABLISH LISTING WEEK STRATEGY. The week that your home goes on the market will be a very busy one. All the marketing for your home will be up and running the day your home goes on the market and you should expect a number of showings and people through your home. Depending on the anticipated demand for access, you may want to simply leave town for a few days, stay at a friend’s home or even at a hotel. Consider it a mini-vacation!

STEP 4 – DETERMINE PRE-INSPECTION OPTIONS. If demand for your home is going to be strong, some buyers may waive the inspection contingency (the inspection contingency would allow them to back out of the contract if agreement cannot be met on what needs to be fixed ahead of time). Therefore, some buyers may ask to do a pre-inspection before they write an offer. This is done at the buyers’ expense. We can discuss the pros and cons of allowing pre-inspections before we put the home on the market.

STEP 5 – OPEN HOUSE. Depending on where your home is located, an open house allows for a number of potential buyers through at the same time and is a great tool to generate excitement about your home. If I anticipate that the open house will be very busy, I will enlist the help of another agent to assist in crowd control.

STEP 6 – OFFER REVIEW DATE. If I anticipate there will be multiple offers, we can discuss the pros and cons of having a date that lets buyers know when they need to submit an offer by.

Generally speaking, selling your home in a fast market can go much quicker than you might think, so preparing for your move ahead of time will make life much easier when it is time to sign on the line. If this has you thinking, let’s talk!